Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

Alenmot’s Quality, Environment and Safety Management System Policy is part of an increasingly demanding market, in terms of Quality, Environment and Safety, deadlines, competitiveness and human resources skills. To successfully ensure these requirements, Alenmot is committed to adopting the following principles:

  • Adopt safety levels for its employees and all visiting parties as a priority through the implementation of preventive measures;
  • Legislation, reference standards and other applicable requirements fully complied with;
  • Involve, in compliance with the principles and commitments contained in this policy, not only all Alenmot employees but also all the stakeholders who cooperate in the different activities and initiatives, investing in a culture of environmental protection and sustainable development through the prevention of pollution, reduction and recycling of waste;
  • Negotiate ethically, ensuring the success and sustainability of the company;
  • Regularly monitor its activity, practices, processes and procedures with a view to the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System and the provision of an excellent service, satisfying and exceeding customer expectations
  • Optimize the internal organization, through the implementation of instruments that provide the identification and elimination of hazards and risk assessment, control and reduction of the risks resulting from its activities in order to prevent unwanted results and explore opportunities in the metallurgical sector
  • Have adequate procedures for reporting security incidents and implement processes that guarantee employee satisfaction, consultation and participation, reinforcing their continuous training

We therefore face the future with the greatest enthusiasm, certain that we will be able to reach a market position, acquired through the rigor, professionalism and quality of the solutions presented, never neglecting safety and the environment as a primordial aspect.